"WINGS for Women" Award Recipients

2018: The Center Foundation

The mission of The Center Foundation is to mentor, educate and empower  teens and adults to fulfill their potential as healthy, responsible and  engaged members of the community.

Established in 1994, The Center Foundation conducted a survey of local  women who named mentoring (or lack thereof) as the most significant  determinant to achievement of economic independence. To this end, we  offer the following three community-based mentorship programs: 

  • WomenCare® is our flagship mentorship program that was launched in 1997 for adult women in transition ages twenty and older.
  • YPSN (Young Parents Support Network) was established in 2001 for teen parents ages thirteen to nineteen.
  • TeenCare was launched in 2017 for teen girls ages  ages thirteen to nineteen who are at risk of not graduating high school.  In 2019, TeenCare expanded to serve teen girls and boys.

Our evidence-based mentorshp programs match mentees with trained,  volunteer mentors for one year. Mentees, with the support of their  mentors, set specific self-sufficiency goals to achieve in that year.

Click on the logo to visit The Center Foundation website.


2019: Women of Harmony Inc.


"...Where Dreams and Reality Meet!"

Women  of Harmony, Inc., is a non-profit organization created to support  homeless  women and their children as they transition in and out of  shelters.  W.O.H. provides mentoring, empowerment and support to women  in an effort to assist them in pursuing their dreams beyond their  circumstances. We strive to connect women to other women and resources  that will assist them in attaining their goals while limiting their  barriers. We hope to assist families in finding access to education,  housing,  job training, employment, entrepreneurship, and ultimately  self-sufficiency.

Please see their letter of thanks. Click the logo to visit the Women of Harmony Inc. website.